In the age of the viral video, the OU sorority girl, who recorded and leaked the SAE video was no novice. Sure, the 9-second clip was shaky and shot off a cell phone, but the fact that she recorded it and released it is turning heads. The racist chant sung by members of OU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter was the last unified event the fraternity would ever do, all because the incendiary video was leaked to the world. And it didn’t take long for the vid to end up on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

It definitely changed the course of my day, when I had to drop the deadly officer-involved shooting I was covering to rush out to the University of Oklahoma campus to interview students for KWTV’s 10pm newscast. I ended up staying out there well passed midnight as the frat was kicked out of their house. And as the only professional journalist nearby at the time, I got an eyeful from the packing to the police protection, to the vandalism on the frat house.

My tweets with photos were even featured in a Washington Post article: