They call it paying your dues and missing out on Saturday and Sunday are a part of the costs. I knew it was too good to be true to start off at a station and get Christmas and New Year’s day off. So a month later, all that changed. Our station’s weekend reporter moved away, and I moved into his slot like a game of Correspondent Checkers.
Now, I’m the one covering the dog shows, park picnics and high school quiz bowls when there’s no breaking news.
So there’s no more sleeping in on Saturdays or going to church on Sundays. My new days off are Monday and Tuesday, conveniently, when everyone else is at work or school.
But this new shift is not all bad, there are two sides…

-Laid back atmosphere, no traffic
-Less live shots and demands
-Stories are assigned beforehand

-The obvious of being on when the rest of civilization is off
-No assignment desk, so have to answer phones & listen to scanners
-Short-staffed, so I’m treated like a photog who shoots multiple events