I said so long to Los Angeles and drove up the 5 freeway to Bakersfield. And what an experience it has been reporting for Ch. 17. My day goes by so fast, if my stories weren’t recorded, I wouldn’t know what I reported.

The types of stories I cover in Kern County vary so much, many deal with agriculture, education and pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents. I haven’t interviewed a politician yet, while I remember interviewing the mayor and city council members all the time in LA. Like any good local news story, my goal is to take a major issue or topic and personalize it for Bakersfield, which is no easy feat, especially, when covering a story about welfare or longterm unemployment.

Starting out at KGET has definitely been an experience. No two days are alike. It can be a challenge to learn my way around town in a matter of minutes for a live shot or an interview, especially, when the person I’m meeting tells me to meet them off Highway 184 near the grape trees -_-

So I’m jumping all over the learning curve here and working to be a better reporter each week.