Two major liquor stores were torn down in one day in central Long Beach. Police officers, city councilman and longtime members of the community said both the Sim’s Liquor Store on Willow Street and the Whistler on Pacific Coast Highway caused nothing but trouble for the area.
Drug sales, prostitution and loitering took place at the Whistler liquor store said Lieutenant Timothy Lancaster.
He said more than 1,500 were placed to the Long Beach Police Department within the last five years, and demolishing the Whistler will free up police officers to tend to the other needs of the city.

Mary Anderson, who has lived near the Whistler for 30 years, said she feared for the safety of the youth in the area because an elementary and high school were in close proximity.
Councilman Dee Andrews for the Sixth district of Long Beach said nothing bad will be done because the two liquor stores were torn down.
“This means progress for our community, more jobs will be coming our way,” he said. “We’re going up.”
A new community redevelopment center is said to replace the old Whistler liquor store property.