I get assigned to cover the $440 million cuts that the Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power is making. I head downtown LA to the press conference at City Hall where the DWP manager and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa address this topic. After checking out camera equipment, walking to my car and driving downtown in a seemingly low-traffic day, I park at the LA Mall ($16 for 2 hrs) and make it through City Hall security to catch the tail end of the conference. I was able to slide in, get set up and catch a few statements from the mayor before getting a one-on-one with the manager.

Questions to Ask:
Why was the DWP was making cuts now?
Exactly, How much was being cut to which departments?
Who all do the cuts affect?
How would people perceive the cuts?

I get my answers, shoot a tease in front of City Hall, walk all the way over to the DWP building and do a standup there, and then I’m off to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers office since this union represents many employees who work for the DWP. I called beforehand and was told the “Media relations person” would get back to me, so I just show up hoping to get a comment from somebody about the effects the DWP cuts would have on them.
“Our manager is gone for the day and no one else here can comment, but our media person will get back to you before 3 p.m.,” a staffer said.

Well that didn’t happen, my story gets cut from a package to a V.O. and I after I finish writing and logging the footage, I’m sent right back downtown to do a Live shot on the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer case update. I try to familiarize myself with latest discoveries in the murder mystery and decide to take the DASH to the Police Administration building to save on time, and if you’ve ever taken packed-out public transportation with a camera bag, tripod and purse – it’s the Most. The journey isn’t over as I trek (and I mean trek) from 5th and Flower St. all the way to 1st and Main St. (Thank God I didn’t wear my heels that day!).

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I meet up with the Camera Operator who will be doing the Live Shot. She briefs me on what she knows of the Grim Sleeper, I get set up, go Live at 6 p.m. and try to not mix up all the numbers of the women identified vs. unidentified in connection to the case. Post-shoot, we both rush to the bus that ends its routes completely at 6:30 p.m. We make it to 3rd & Main St. -nowhere near USC’s campus. Stranded, I call the news producers who are still in the studio & then one of my friends saves the day and picks up me & my camera lady after we had been waiting on a downtown street corner for an hour with 2 cameras, tripods, a streambox and laptop.

Though the package got scrapped, you can see some of the remains here, along with my Live shot on the Grim Sleeper: